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  1. Global Xchange Programme

 In partnership with British Council and VSO, MEWA is implementing a 6 month international exchange programme for youth (aged between 18-25 yrs) in Coast province. Global Xchange aims to support the development of active global citizens, committed to working for positive change within communities.

The Global Xchange programme is a six-month exchange programme which gives young people from different countries a unique opportunity to work together, to develop and share valuable skills and to make a practical contribution where it is needed in local communities.

Global Xchange works with teams of young people (aged 18-25), with equal numbers coming from Kenya and from the UK. The participants are recruited, and the teams are formed, to reflect diversity in terms of geography, ethnicity, ability, education and gender.

Volunteers live with host families and work in host communities for 3 months in the UK and 3 months in Kenya. They live and work in cross-cultural counterpart pairs, one from the UK, and one from Kenya. Global Xchange is designed as a fully reciprocal volunteer programme, involving cross-cultural partnerships in every aspect of our work.

For participants of Global Xchange, knowledge, learning and experience is derived from direct personal engagement and developed through structured reflection. The programme impacts most directly on the young people who volunteer, but its power extends to the families who host them, the community projects with which they work and the wider communities in which they live. For all of these participants in the programme, Global Xchange demonstrates the potential and promotes the values of active global citizenship.

The themes for the Global Xchange programme between Kenya and The UK from March- September 2008 will be run under the Participation & Governance and Inter- Cultural Dialogue themes.

  1. Community Exchange Programme

In partnership with BC is to piloting an international exchange programme for community leaders from CBO/NGO based in coast province. The Community Xchange project is a new initiative under the Global Xchange programme which is managed by a partnership comprising of the British Council and Voluntary Service Overseas.

Community Xchanges work with communities through community leaders to facilitate the positive participation of young people in their communities and to develop their inter community and inter cultural dialogue understanding in order to make a positive difference to those communities.  Two pilot exchanges are being delivered in 2008 between Luton in the UK and Jogjakarta in Indonesia; and Thurrock in the UK and Mombasa in Kenya.

The programme aims to develop global citizens who make a positive difference to their own and other communities by strengthening existing community development initiatives; promoting community cohesion; and encouraging community participation.The specific objectives for the Community Xchange projects is to provide a forum for young community leaders to share learning & experience and to engage in community development activities which promote active global citizenship; to develop participants leadership and intercultural skills; and to share learning and experience of what encourages young people to be active global citizens in their communities

Each Community Xchanges comprises of a series of components namely:

  • in-community work between participants and other community members.
  • professional development modules focusing on building leadership skills, increasing understanding of the intercultural dialogue agenda, Appreciative Inquiry and Experential Learning techniques,  managing change and transformation in communities, exploring citizenship issues and the piloting of a Community Learning Framework comprising of tools and approaches to effectively measure the impact of community based initiatives.
  • Participants will also undertake three week visit to shadow, work, and support local projects/organisations in Jogjakarta and Mombasa. There will be reciprocal visits to the UK for participants from Indonesia and Kenya.

Current partners are Muhammadiyah in Indonesia which is a large voluntary organisation that supports many health, education and small business projects and Muslim Education & Welfare Association (MEWA) in Kenya which work on community based issues in diverse communities of Mombasa.

  1. Drug Outreach Programme

In partnership with UNODC, Health board is undertaking a two year outreach programme for drug users based in Kilifi district. The proposed programme is addressing issues of HIV/AIDS amongst heroin IDU/DU (Injection Drug Users).

As part of our Drug Awareness programme this year, we have partnered with UNODC to facilitate the above project in Kilifi District for a period of 2 years commencing from August 1st 2007, to heroin IDU / DU (Injection Drug Users) who are vulnerable to HIV / AIDS. We plan to work in the following locations: Mtwapa, Kanamai, Vipingo, Shariani, Takaungu, Mnarani and Kilifi town.

The programme focuses on:

  1. Educating drug uses with information about HIV/AIDS and risk reduction.
  2. Conduct counselling and referrals for drug treatment and care.
  3. Carry out awareness campaign programme in the selected areas.

We hope to accomplish our programme by sending a team of 6 outreach workers assisted by volunteers to drug dens in the area. . We expect the project will help to reduce HIV/AIDS infections that happen through syringe sharing and unsafe sex while emphasising on harm reductions (safe equipment use) and better understanding of their HIV status through VCT programmes.
Initial survey has indicated that very little has been done in HIV/AIDS education, treatment and VCT testing for drug users. We therefore hope to fill in these gaps at the selected areas through the activities we have outlined above and introducing VCT testing, accessibility to treatment, primary health care, risk reduction education, family support groups’ advice, care and counseling.