• The Mewa Hospital Mission, Vision and Motto...
  • Our new, modern and well equipped ISO Certified Lab
  • Our State of the Art Theatre equipped to handle some of the most complex surgeries..
  • 24hr Emergency Service...
  • The Male General Ward; in-patient facility
  • The female General Ward; in-patient facility
  • Lab opening ceremony
  • Entry to the outpatient services...
  • One of our Ambulance fleet...
  • Our in-patient services and administration building...
  • Our theatre lab for any emergency maternity case...
  • The Chairman during the opening of the lab ceremony
  • One of the rooms of the newly unveiled semi-private wing
  • The newly unveiled semi-private Wing
  • Inside the Lab...
  • Inside the lab...

MEWA Hospital, a project of the Muslim Education and Welfare Association (MEWA) is a registered non-governmental organization operating in Mombasa. The Hospital is located at Majengo Musa in Mombasa Off Mwabundu road. It was established in 1992 from a humble beginning of just running the outpatient department. Over the years, the hospital has grown both in size and the magnitude to a fully-fledged hospital, offering both in-patient (with a capacity of 50 beds) and out-patient services operating 24/7. The hospital was established to ensure that even the less fortunate in the society can access hospital facilities like others and not left to the small clinics only. The hospital is managed on behalf of the Muslim Community and MEWA Executive Committee by the MEWA Medical Board of Directors which is composed of eight Board Members. 
MEWA Hospital has now tremendously made several milestones and has now full fledged activities to the community from medical, social and environmental aspects. . The period between the year 2007 and May 2011 only has seen over 9637 in-patients and 94,891 out-patients treated at the facility. With the help of Doctor World Wide – an international medical charitable organisation – the hospital has acquired a CT-Scan which will soon be operational.

Our Quality Policy

We seek to provide high quality services with special attention to access, affordability, clinical and service excellence and patient safety to the utmost satisfaction of all.

Core values

  • Promote the rights of patients and their families to information, choice, empathy and dignity.
  • Accord to all staff, employed and voluntary, fairness, respect, trust and provide them with the opportunity to participate, learn and develop.
  • Foster equity, partnership, transparency and integrity with all who associate with us
  • Champion ethical practice, respect for law, and value for money and compassion for all.

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