MEWA Youth Camp

MEWA youth camps were started in the year 1990. The idea was brought on board to see how best MEWA could help youths (both male and female) develop and realise their potential. Each camp MEWA targets to host 350 - 500 participants in a 7 day residential program.

The April holiday targets primary pupils (13 – 15 year olds); the August holiday is meant for secondary students (15 – 17 year olds); and a national camp is held in December which targets students who have completed “O” levels i.e. college and university students (18 – 25 year olds).

Since 1990, MEWA has organised about 30 youth camps and approximately over 4,500 male and female youths from within and outside Coast province have benefitted. Normally, the participants pay minimal registration fees (currently Ksh.s 1,000/=) to help in defraying the camps expenses. But MEWA seeks help from various donors to support running the entire camps.

Our Mission

To empower youth to engage actively and constructively within their communities and to facilitate positive behavioral change.

Our Vision

The IDEAL Muslim Youth


The camps aim to offer learning in a fun environment. Their schedules include a diversity of lectures encompassing the following:

  • The Ideal Muslim Youth
  • Enterpreneurship skills
  • Leadership and Management
  • Drug and Substance Abuse
  • Volunteerism
  • Human Rights and Law

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